Custom Doors

When an entrance way becomes a metaphor for life.

A door is something far more important than a means of entrance or a way to let people in while keeping the weather outside. It is the first thing people see when they enter a building — the first touch-point between human and structure — and the threshold between interior and exterior space. How a door is designed can present a warm welcome, or even deliver a stern warning to "keep out."

Jeff Thurston considers these things when he’s designing and fabricating a custom door for your building. He’s concerned with not only how good the door will look when it is finished, but also if it will efficiently keep the warmth in or the cold weather out. He designs a door to fit the architectural purpose of the building, and he makes every effort to deliver it on schedule and within budget.

Because a picture is worth
a thousand words.

Visit Jeff Thurston’s portfolio to see photos of his work on architectural details, custom doors, entryways, fine cabinetry, timberframes, trusses, home additions, public buildings, historic restorations and reproductions. Go >